Mansour - Chand Nafar Beh Yenafar

Mansour – Chand Nafar Beh Yenafar (Single)

Mansour’s new single, “Chand Nafar Beh Yenafar,” is available now at Apple Music and Spotify.

“I sang the song ‘How many people to one’ to be the voice of the suffering of the people of my land. I hope that the dear people of Afghanistan will also accept my sympathy and the production team of this song.

“I dedicate this song to my fellow Iranians living in Iran under social injustice and government corruption.

“I also would like to dedicate this song to our neighbors, the great people of Afghanistan. We feel your pain and you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

“Wishing you all Peace, justice and freedom!” — Mansour

✍️ Words: A.M.
🎶 Music: Erfanpo

Mansour Live

Mansour Tapesh TV Live

برای شنیدن اجراهای جدید و زنده آهنگهای
۱. سایه بون
۲. قرارمون یادت نره
۳. منو ببخش
۴. نازنین (پرنده های بی وطن)
۵. دوست دارم
۶. قایق کاغذی
۷. عزیز دلمی
۸. فقط به خاطر تو
۹. دیوونه
به روى لينك بالاى اين صفحه كليك كنيد تا صفحه آفیشیال ساندکلاد منصور را استفاده کنید.
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Persian Superstar Mansour Looking for Next Star


Los Angeles, CA – Persian music superstar Mansour is looking for the next big music star to feature on an upcoming single. Mansour is asking fans to submit HD videos of themselves singing one of his songs via social media for a once in a lifetime chance to sing on his new single.

“Please join me on Next Star by Mansour to find a great voice to feature on my new song,” shares Mansour. “Musicians can also compete for a solo on the same song.”

Fans have until May 20th to submit their entries using #NextStarbyMansour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@mansourmusic); via Telegram at @NextStarbyMansour; or by email at

Judges will be introduced in the coming weeks and will assist Mansour with choosing a winner.

Once in a lifetime opportunity; video entries should include your name, age and city you’re from. Performances may be dedicated to family and friends.

Individual musicians may also enter with the winner recording a solo for the same song.

Contestants are encouraged to tag their friends and share their videos. Select entries will be featured on Mansour’s social channels.

Competition is sponsored by Mansour and Soho Entertainment.

An iconic Iranian artist of this generation, Mansour is one of the most popular singers among 100 million Farsi speaking people worldwide. Known for his positive messages and energetic sound, Mansour’s music has become part of the fabric of Iranian life even though he lives and records in U.S. Mansour’s most recent album, “Ensane Nou,” was released by Soho Entertainment of Los Angeles, California in August 2019.

Soho Entertainment is a record label based in Los Angeles, California that provides distribution, marketing and management services for artists worldwide.

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دوستان سلام، #آهنگ_جدید بعدى كه تهیه خواهم کرد، آهنگی ٢ صدایى است و به همين دليل چالشى رو به عنوان “نكست استار باى منصور” به معنای "ستاره بعدی توسط منصور" را انجام ميدهیم كه آرتيستی که بهترین اجرا از آهنگهایم را داشته باشد رو برای اجرای آهنگ ۲ صدایی با کمک شما عزیزان كشف كنيم. تعدادی از کارشناسان ترانه و موسیقی که در این سالها با هم همکاری داشتیم را دعوت کردم که به عنوان داور حضور داشته باشند که هم شرکت کنندگان از تجربیاتشون بیاموزند و هم شما عزیزان با توصیه های داوران رای خودتون رو ثبت کنید. اسامی همکارانی که در نکست استار بای منصور همکاری خواهند داشت را به زودی اعلام خواهیم کرد. محدودیت سنی وجود ندارد و همگان میتوانند در چالش "نكست استار باى منصور" شركت كنند. به دوستانتون كه صداى خوبى دارند اطلاع دهيد. از هم اکنون تا آخر اردیبهشت (۲۰ می) وقت دارید که ویدئو های خودتون رو به آدرس تلگرام NextStarbyMansour@# ارسال کنید. ضبط ویدئو باید به صورت HD باشد و کیفیت صدا هم مطلوب باشد. لطفآ نام, شهر، سن و چند سال هست ميخونید را ذکر کنید و میتوانید اجرای خود را به دوستان، خانواده، یا همشهريان خود تقدیم کنید. در ضمن موزیسینها ی عزیزی که پرسیدند؛ بله میتوانید شرکت کنید و در صورت برنده شدن نواختن شما در همین آهنگ فیچر خواهد شد. لطفآ با دوستان خود از طریق تگ و شر اطلاع دهید. 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 please join me on #NextStarbyMansour to find a great voice to feature on my #new_song. i will introduce the judges that are industry individuals like lyricist, songwriters and musicians that i work with which will be helping in your decision of voting the winner. please send HD videos of your performance of any of my songs by May 20th and use the hashtag #NextStarbyMansour or send to telegram @NextStarbyMansour; for email submissions please send to: please make sure to introduce yourself, age, how long you have been singing and you may dedicate your performance to your friends and family. the musicians may enter in this competition and the winner will have a solo feature on the same song. Please tag your friends that have a great voice; and share to get the word out. good luck

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