A Growing Partnership

Soho Nights


SOHO ENTERTAINMENT is a company registered in Los Angeles, California with its operations in the Middle East. Our company specializes in organizing the high-end trendy, prestigious and luxurious events in entertainment business.

We organize the glamorous events open to the public as well as the topnotch private and corporate events. We are partnering with some of the finest luxury venues across the region and have excellent partners that are already established in the region.

Our company comprise of a highly experienced team of experts and partners, who are not just the top experts in their field, but also have a deep understanding of the local culture and values in the Middle East.

Under one of our top brands Soho Nights, we are bringing the finest entertainment events and concerts to the Middle East.


Soho Nights Events are organized in partnership with SOHO ENTERTAINMENT. Even though we recently launched our operations in the Middle East, we bring years of blended western experience with local culture, through the partners with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, amongst them Mansour Jafari, the iconic international entertainment figure. His social media presence is followed by millions of fans. His Facebook community @MansourLike alone is followed by more than 1.5 million and his music videos are sky rocketing to the millions of views on his YouTube channel @MansourMusic to even further enhances our dedicated commitment to excellence, luxury and prestige.